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Installing the DAB+U device into the car is simple: you place the DAB antenna (w... more
DAB+U new firmware 1.22 + Favorites
New functionalities with the new firmware: - Traffic and news Announcement ... more
A. First steps - compatibility
The DAB+U device works as a virtual USB flash drive with mp3 files. All car head... more
B. Configuration
First of all please read the previous section “A. First steps - compatibility (h... more
C. DAB antenna reception
Symptoms: - If the DAB radio playback is still interrupted the same way, no... more
D. Problems and behaviour: Last played DAB station, Changing file and folder names, Prefix test
Coming back with the last played station both depends on the DAB+U device and th... more
E. Why I can’t see the current programme info, only the station names? Is the station logo available?
- Like on your PC, reading and modifying the same file in the same time is not p... more
F. Settings menu options
The following items are available in the DAB settings Folder: - About: Prov... more
G. Connector port (EXT2CP2)
Most of the cars have only one USB input, so normally you need to unplug your DA... more
H. Firmware update
You can find and download the latest firmware update package from the bottom of ... more
I. About the DAB+U versions + Nissan
On the bottom of your device on the big white sticker you can see which version ... more
DAB+U forgets configuration file
If you've experienced that the DAB unit rejects the configuration file or forget... more
DAB+U fails to get recognized at the 1452nd restart
If you've encountered the problem where at the 1452nd restart the DAB+U is not r... more