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DAB+U new firmware 1.22 + Favorites

New functionalities with the new firmware:

  • Traffic and news Announcement (TA) ON/OFF
  • Turn ON/OFF the voice notifications ("please wait", "no signal")
  • Increase "+" and decrease "-" the volume of the device
  • Manage favorites (add, remove)

You can download firmware version 1.22 at the bottom of this page with installation instructions.

If you experience issues with the file order, for example the car radio is not coming back with the last time played DAB station with our new 1.22 software version, please help us to find a solution together by doing a prefix test on your car. By that way we can see in what alphabet reading order your car works, and we can modify the K config that you are using with your car. For further information please check section "D. Problems and behaviour".

(Please note, that this firmware update is only for the DBU3GEN version of the DAB+U. To find out which DAB+U model version you have (DBU1GEN, DBU2GEN, DBU3GEN), please read section "I. About the DAB+U versions".)

Making favorites:

For this you have 3 virtual mp3 files in the Settings folder of the DAB+U:  Favorite AddFavorite Remove and Favorite Clear. You can add the actually listened DAB station as favorite if you select to play the Favorite Add in the Settings folder. By this the DAB+U will restart, and will come back with the added favorite station. Let's select an other DAB station from the Stations, and add it the same way as a favorite. After the DAB+U restarts and comes back, please go into the Stations folder to see what happened. If the DAB+U prefix is working correctly (you are using the matching K configuration file which makes the car head unit to come back with the last time played DAB station), then you can see this:

  1. The first file(s) in the Stations folder is the last time played DAB station. [Sometimes it is duplicated or maximum there are 3 copies of the last time played station(s).]
  2. The second file is the first added favorite station.
  3. The third file is the other DAB station you saved after that.
  4. After these are coming all the other DAB stations in alphabet order (in the car's own alphabet reading).

You can remove the current played DAB station from the favorites if you choose to play the Favorite Remove file in the Settings folder. If you choose the Favorite Clear, then all the favorites will be deleted, for making a new fav list quicker