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A. First steps - compatibility

The DAB+U device works as a virtual USB flash drive with mp3 files. All car head unit types have different USB protocol, because of this in some cases the DAB+U can't work with the current head unit properly, or won’t be recognized at all. You can try different configuration files on the DAB+U, to change the USB settings of the device. In some cases this is enough, in some cases not. We have a database of the officially supported car head units, we also tell there which config files are working with them. Therefore using this Compatibility selector is highly recommended, you can find it on the official DAB+U webpage:


If your car head unit is not mentioned in this database, then it is officially not supported. But if you already have the DAB+U device, you can try some configuration files with it, hopefully some of them will make it work properly or partly.
We are trying to improve our compatibility continuously and if there is an update we will upload it to the database. We suggest to check the Compatibility selector monthly.
Many thanks for your understanding.
You can read the next section “
B. Configuration” for further information about the configuration process.

Please always follow this order:

  1. First check with the Compatibility selector if your car radio/navi is compatible or not.
  2. Install the official suggested DAB+U configuration file.
  3. If the car's radio/navi head unit is not supported or the suggested config is not working, please try different DAB+U configs. You have the best chance with the configs which are suggested for the same car brand in the Compatibility selector and you can also try the following configs, as these worked in the most random cases based on the feedbacks of our customers and installers: K8, K60, K73, K82, K189, K301
  4. If you found the fastest working config file which can play a DAB station file uninterrupted for 2-3 minutes, then you have found the best configuration file. If the DAB+U with that configuration file is not remembering the last time played DAB station, or if you have any other problems please read section "D. Problems and behaviour"!