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D. Problems and behaviour: Last played DAB station, Changing file and folder names, Prefix test

Coming back with the last played station both depends on the DAB+U device and the car head unit. Every car head unit works different, some of them start with the first music file on the list, some of them remembers it and wants to play the same song file from the same named USB source, other more developed head units are also storing the used music files in their memory. This is an advantage for a USB stick with mp3 files as it can start faster, but this can be a disadvantage for the DAB+U as it has LIVE digital radio mp3 files. In practice if the car stores in its memory the previously listened DAB station file, then if you choose again the same station later, then the car will play again the previously listened DAB programme instead of the LIVE programme.

The DAB device can adapt to the current situation in most of the cases. The DAB+U makes a copy of the last played DAB station and adds a prefix to it, to make it to the top of the alphabet of the songs, so that the car head unit will start with that exact file when you turn it on. The prefix is in most cases “!”, "Z", "_" "*" or “00”, but any other characters might be used as well. In some cases the head unit may ignore the used prefix, or simply puts it at the end of the alphabet, so this means it won’t come back with the last played DAB station.

If by testing you found the fastest working config file (it has a buffer time around 10-15 seconds or less) which can play a DAB station file uninterrupted for 2-3 minutes, then you have found the best configuration file. If the DAB+U with that configuration file is not remembering the last time played DAB station then please do a prefix test on your car radio/navigation head unit. The prefix test tells us which alphabet reading order your car uses, and then we can modify your best DAB+U config file based on that. You can find the Prefix test program at the bottom of this page with instructions.

Please note: If the DAB+U makes more copies of the last played station(s), that is normal. Please also note, that the DAB+U might also change the folder name, or the device name of the DAB+U (the name includes a number in it which is changing at every new start). This is also normal, because some car types are trying to remember the device and the files on it, so the DAB+U can only make live DAB radio streaming if it refreshes everything, if it changes all the above mentioned things, then the car "thinks" that the DAB+U is an other new device and then it can work with it properly.


Based on the above information this is what we need to know in the case of your best config file:

  • A.) Which DAB+U K configuration file(s) is the best in your case? 
  • B.) How much is the buffer/loading time if you choose an other DAB station from the Stations list?
  • C.) Is the last time played/listened DAB station always remembered when you start the car the next day? If not, then please do the Frefix test and show us the results.
  • D.) When you listen to the same DAB station for 2 minutes, then switch to an other, and switch back to the first one, then is it playing still LIVE DAB programme, or it repeats the previously heard programme/time section? (Some cars might store in their memory the music files and that can cause this for the DAB+U.)
  • E.) If you listen to the same DAB station for 3-4 minutes: is it stable, or there are always some interruptions?

We can make a modified configuration file for you if your only problem is that it is not remembering the last time listened station. We are awaiting your feedbacks for the above questions through here: https://dension.kayako.com/en-us/conversation/new/5