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F. Settings menu options

The following items are available in the DAB settings Folder:

  • About: Provides information about the DAB device (software and current firmware version)
  • Scan: Use this option to scan all available stations in your area
  • Favourites: Choose this option to add the current played DAB station to the favourites list. You can add maximum 8 stations this way.
  • News: Turn it on to receive news announcements (only a very few DAB stations have this).
  • Traffic: Turn it on to receive traffic announcements (only a very few DAB stations have this).
  • Voice:  You can turn off the announcements that the DAB device says like “Please wait” and “Scanning”.
  • Volume: You can adjust the “output” volume of the DAB+U to make it on the same level as the other sources of your car head unit.

Please note, that if you change any of the settings, the DAB+U will restart to make the change complete.

Favourites, News, Traffic, Voice and Volume are only available since firmware version 1.20 (DBU31.20). (For more infos about updating the firmware, please read section “H. Firmware update”.)