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B. Configuration

First of all please read the previous section “A. First steps - compatibility” before reading this section.

If you checked the Compatibility selector of the DAB+U and know which configuration you want to install, then you can find and download all the current configurations in one package from the bottom of this website:


The steps for the config installation are included. But we also have a video about the config file installation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjzTORtghwg


After successful config installation please test the newly configured DAB+U on your car like this:

  1. Start the whole car, wait until everything starts (you may turn on the radio manually depending on the car type).
  2. Plug in the DAB+U, it will be recognised (if not, try an other configuration file).
  3. Choose DAB+U (USB) as source and select "Scan.mp3" from the Settings folder.
  4. The scanning process will complete in one minute, the DAB+U will restart (it will disappear, then reappear).
  5. After it appears again: Choose the DAB+U as source and choose a station from the "Stations" folder if it doesn’t start to play automatically.
  6. Wait until the station is audible (this is the buffer time).
  7. When you can hear the station starting to play, please listen to the same station for 3-4 minutes. In the first minute it can be possible that the sound of the station goes away, please ignore this because the DAB+U is configuring itself. After one minute you shouldn't hear any interruptions in the signal, you can double check this if you listen to the station for 2 more minutes. If it's interrupted even after one or two minutes, please try an other config file.


What may happen if the configuration is not working correctly:

  • The DAB+U is not recognized at all, the car may show an error message as well.
  • The radio playback is still interrupted even if you listen to the same DAB station for 5 minutes. (If this same problem remains even if you tried more config files, then there might be a problem with the DAB antenna reception – in that case please check section “C. DAB antenna reception”.)
  • When you choose a station from the list it takes too much time until it will be played (buffer time is too long). Please note that if you experience long loading time only when you start the car, then that is a car side symptom, because some car head units check more aspects of the USB source at every startup (for example by Peugeot).
  • Any various issues (for example the DAB device is recognized, but no files are available).