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Gateway 500S BT

! Compatibility
All Gateway devices emulate the CD changer (CDC) function (or MDI function), thi... more
! Installation options
Generally, there are two ways to install the Gateway: - If the car does no... more
A. DIP switches
The Gateway 500S BT is capable to work as a media player (Gateway music function... more
B. How to get / generate the GW_EES.BIN file?
Getting a GW_EES.BIN file sometimes is very useful because we can see: - what t... more
C. Updating firmware
We constantly improve our firmware therefore it is recommended to perform a firm... more
D. iPod / iPhone / iPad compatibility
- iPod (4th generation) - iPod nano (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th , 5th and 6 th gen.) ... more
E. iPod / iPhone is not recognized
This usually happens if there is a problem with the iPod / iPhone or Dock cable.... more
F. USB compatibility
Officially USB sticks are supported through the USB input only. - File syst... more
G. USB does not work
In some cases when you plug the USB thumb drive to the USB socket of the Gateway... more
H. Is there any track limit? Is there any recommendation for how to organize my music?
There is no limit referring to track numbers. You can have as many as you want i... more
I. Bluetooth pairing and connection problems, + Bluetooth audio source mode not remembered
The pairing process is the first step you need to do on your phone with the Gate... more
J. Phone compatibility
We are working fine with most of the phones (e.g. iOS, Android, Blackberry), alt... more
K. Phone call issues
- Phone does not connect: In rare cases, the phone cannot be connected easily to... more
L. Volume and sound issues
This could happen “relatively” easily because all car systems are different. It ... more
M. Gateway cannot be selected or any various problems
The factory installed external CD changer* and factory phone module** both need ... more
N. Where to find the factory CD changer and factory phone?
Phone module: - Audi A6/A8: under the driver’s seat under the carpet - Po... more
P. Coding, programming
Where to do the coding and/or installation: at service stations or by Dension in... more
Q. Blue indicator LED
- If you see that the blue LED on the Connector Port (EXT1CP2) is lighting const... more
R. What is the difference between the single (MO1) and dual FOT (MO2) versions?
If the Gateway 500S BT is compatible with the car, then both the 'single FOT' an... more
S. Bluetooth music streaming is not available in the Source menu
The BT audio on Gateway may be disabled by default, therefore it needs to be tur... more
T. Gateway is not remembering last source/position
If the Gateway is not coming back with the last music file and position, or just... more
U. Charging smartphones
If it is possible it depends on more factors: - The Gateway needs to add en... more
V. Function of CD1-CD6 (or buttons 1-6)
The CD changer (and MOST) protocol is what the Gateway uses, so that the car can... more