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C. Updating firmware

We constantly improve our firmware therefore it is recommended to perform a firmware update first if any issue / problem arise, if that makes any change. The update procedure is simple.
You can get the latest firmware update for the device from the downloads section on the bottom of the corresponding product page. You can choose the desired product page here:


You need to have a simple USB thumb drive which is:

- formatted to FAT 16/32
- has only one partition
- is not write protected
- there are 4-5 mp3 files on it (no problem if other files are there too)


  1. Copy the ROM update file onto the root folder of the USB-stick then plug it into the Dension unit while the car and the head unit is turned on.
  2. Wait 1-2 minutes, the Gateway will restart and the radio (head unit) will turn to radio tuner mode (no problem if not). Do not disconnect the USB drive within this time.
  3. After that on the head unit change the source to CD changer (=Gateway), wait 1 minute.
  4. After a successful update the ROM file is deleted from the USB flash drive and the GW_EES.BIN file will appear on it.

When finished, change the source to CD changer to use the Gateway again.

If the firmware update was not successful, then the Gateway might already have the same firmware version you tried to install - check the BIN file of the Gateway (Section B). If this is not the case, then redo the update process with other USB sticks if possible.

If the device is not functional after the update:  (This usually happens if the user disconnects the USB during the update process or the power has been removed during the update)

  • Downgrade to the previous firmware version (the process is the same)
  • Disconnect and reconnect the device from power
  • Check the system, if the functions of the Gateway work (USB, iPod). Get the GW_EES.BIN file from the USB stick and send it to us. Most probably something went bad during the update process, but we always need to know what exactly happened.