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P. Coding, programming


Where to do the coding and/or installation: at service stations or by Dension installer partners (www.dension.com/automotive/where-to-buy)

  • Audi doesn’t require any coding.
  • Mercedes and Porsche require coding of the CD changer option, if the car never had a CD changer before.
  • BMW requires generally the IPOD option and the 644 Telephone option to be programmed. The IPOD option is needed (instead of the CD changer option), because only with this coding can the Gateway music menu be accessed (if the CD changer is coded only, then the Gateway is not recognised). 644 Telephone option is only necessary if you want to use the Gateway’s phone functions and phone menu too. For programming we recommend Autologic, but if the BMW’s made year is late 2005 or is newer, then you can also choose the Dension GEN Enabler Tool (GEN2BME).