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T. Gateway is not remembering last source/position

If the Gateway is not coming back with the last music file and position, or just simply comes back with AUX GW almost every time, then usually three reasons can be behind it:

  • The Gateway gets switched power (please add constant power* to the device).
  • The USB stick has write protection, so the Gateway’s BIN files can’t be created. Please disable write protection!
  • If these are already OK but you have the same problem please install firmware version 57 (this is a very rare problem that we could never reproduce but can only happen above firmware version 57). Below you can download it with installation instructions. In the attachment you will also find a modified version of firmware 65 (65z), which makes Bluetooth music the default source, so if you are mainly using BT music, then this could be also a solution. For further help you can ask Dension Technical Support.

*Constant power:

First of all to see the difference between the constant power and switched power please check out this video with turned on subtitles/captions starting from 00:35. This video is the installation of the Compact BT, but is useful also for Gateway installers, as it demonstrates the switched vs constant power good.

On the other hand in practice your car works like this: when you turn off the whole car with closed doors, then the car will still calculating and communicating in its internal system. This can take by some cars 1 minute, by other cars 10 minutes (car dependent, so when you turn off the whole car with closed doors the best thing is to wait 15 mintues). When the car is done with that, then it will truly turn off completely also in the internal system. At this point two things can happen:

  • The devices which get switched power at this point will be switched off completely, they won't get any more power from the car.
  • But on the other hand the devices which are connected to constant power (for example the internal clock of the car, or the Gateway device) they will still get some very little bypass power from the car, just enough to keep their memory, nothing more. So the battery won't be drained.

The Gateway needs to be connected to constant power so it can keep its memory (for example last music source and position), and this is also required for the  proper startup/recognition of the Gateway from the side of your car.