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V. Function of CD1-CD6 (or buttons 1-6)

The CD changer (and MOST) protocol is what the Gateway uses, so that the car can recognize it. This protocol is a little limited, therefore most of all you have the Next/Previous track buttons and CD1-CD6 (buttons 1-6) for controlling the music playback – but the control wheel of the car works in most cases too.

  • CD1: If you select this one, you can see the Now playing menu where the current played song info can be seen. If you select a music file or don’t do anything in the menu for more seconds, the Gateway will switch to CD1 automatically.
  • CD2-CD5: not used
  • CD6: Disc 6 is the Menu of the Gateway. Under this option, you can find the Source menu where you can select between the different connected sources. Also you can browse the content of the active source. The content of the browsing menu is source dependent. Settings can be also found here.

Audi with MMI 2G High: If the Audi recognises the Gateway as the second CD changer, then CD7 is Now playing and CD12 is the Gateway menu

BMW with iDrive: In this case CD1 is what you can only select, and after that you can reach and control every functions of the Gateway with the iDrive control wheel.

Porsche with PCM: The rotary knob is not fully supported, instead you need to use the Next/Previous track buttons for selection, and if you press and hold the Next track button for 2-3 seconds then you can always select a Gateway menu element successfully.
Please note, that the PCM also has a right side menu in CD changer mode. If you select there "CD List" (CD-Auswahl) then you can see and select the CDs. If you select there "Track List" (Titelauswahl) then you you can see and select the Gateway menu elements (if CD6 was already selected).