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K. Phone call issues

  • Phone does not connect: In rare cases, the phone cannot be connected easily to the Gateway device through Bluetooth. If you need help with that, please read section I.
  • Gateway resets during phonebook synchronization: The Gateway resets periodically while an iPhone is connected to it via Bluetooth. Due to some software changes in the Bluetooth communication of the iPhone devices, in few cases, users experience that the Gateway device periodically resets. Apple changed the phonebook transfer protocol with the iOS 11 software update. It means if the phonebook on the phone includes high amount of data (contacts with pictures, addresses, location details) the phone tries to send each and every one of them to the Gateway device. This could cause the Gateway to run out of memory and to reset itself. We made the necessary changes and modified the Bluetooth communication according to the new requirements in our software update version 065. If you experience the issues mentioned above, please install the latest available software update. You can download the update package with all the instructions from http://www.dension.com/automotive/support
  • When making phone calls, the sound of the other person comes from the smartphone’s speakers instead of the car’s speakers: First of all, please make sure that the Bluetooth connection between the Gateway and your phone is also including the phone calls (not only Bluetooth music streaming). You can check this in the Bluetooth menu of your phone. In case of iPhone please double check the ‘Call Audio Routing’ settings, and make sure ‘Bluetooth Headset’ is selected there; in case of Android you can also find similar settings.
    For iPhones we can show you where you can find this setting exactly. Please check 
    this video with turned on subtitles/captions, starting from 4:12.

  • Voice of the caller is low/loud in the car speakers, compared to music sources: Please go to Settings/Volume of the Gateway menu. There change the “Phone” volume level, plus values like +3 or +6 will make it louder, minus values like -3 or -6 will make it lower.
  • The other person complains that your voice is too low/loud: Please go to Settings/Volume of the Gateway menu. There change the “Microphone” volume level, plus values like +3 or +6 will make it louder, minus values like -3 or -6 will make it lower. If the Microphone is still low, then you can also turn on the “Microphone BOOST” in the same menu if you choose “1”.
  • Echo on phone calls: Please note, that even if the microphone records the sound mostly from the front, it also records all the sounds/noises from the car, also the other person’s voice that comes from the car speakers. This can make an echo effect both for you and for the other caller. Even the car interior affects this. If this happens, please lower these Volume settings of the Gateway: “Phone”, “Microphone”, “Microphone BOOST”. In the best situation the echo is removed or barely audible, but you and the other caller can hear each other properly.
  • The sound of the phone call comes only from the left or right side of the car: This can happen by some Porsche cars. Some Porsche cars are configured that way, that the sound of the phone calls can only be heard in the left side speakers, or in the right side speakers. Unfortunately this is something that can't be changed from the side of the Gateway device, since the Gateway only uses the car's available phone option. The factory installed phone module would work the same way. Maybe with a Porsche side programming this could be solved, as by other Porsches this is not a problem.
  • Phonebook content is not visible: In the Settings menu of the Gateway please check if Phonebook synchronization is enabled. Most cases if the problem persist you need to add a specific right to transfer those details to the HFP capable device (like the Gateway). This problem usually happens on Android based phones where after the successful 1st pairing you need to add that right in the specific hidden menu. If the problem still persists, delete pairing history, reboot the phone / Gateway and repeat the procedure. If still no success, try to perform a FW update on the Gateway and phone and check the system with different cell phones if possible, to find out if the problem is only with one phone or with the Gateway only.

Special cases:
In some situations a phone configuration may be needed for the Gateway device.