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Y. Gateway hardware versions, car side cables

If you don't have the original package then on the bottom of your Gateway device you can find a white sticker with information on it:


The Gateway Pro BT has three hardware versions:

  • GWPC11B (compatible A): This was made for: BMW, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen. In the last few years instead of the GWPC11B product code you can see GWP-8510-xx item number on them
  • GWPC12B (compatible B): This was made for Audi, Citroen, Peugeot. In the last few years instead of the GWPC12B product code you can see GWP-8520-xx item number on them
  • GWPC13B (compatible C): This was made for Opel. This version was only produced for a short time


These are the car side cable harness versions which were made for the Gateway Pro BT:

  • CABP-AC1: for Audi with the Quadlock connector
  • CABP-AC2: for Audi with the mini ISO connector
  • CABP-BM4: for BMW with the 40 flat pin connector (Quadlock)
  • CABP-OC2: for Opel with the Opel Quadlock connector
  • CABP-PC1: for Peugeot/Citroen with the Quadlock connector
  • CABP-V21: for Volkswagen (BAP) with the Quadlock connector
  • CABP-VC1: for Volkswagen (single CAN) with the Quadlock connector


On the left side you can see the label of a Gateway Lite cable for Toyota or Lexus, on the right side there is a Gateway Pro BT cable.

Important: Of course these hardware and cable versions do not mean that all types of the above mentioned car brands are supported. For checking a car's compatibility please read this.