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G. USB does not work

In some cases when you plug the USB thumb drive to the USB socket of the Gateway it will only continuously flash or just flashes once (will not play audio).

When USB is connected to Gateway, it starts to index the content immediately (LED on the USB is blinking constantly) in order to find and select the tracks as quickly as it’s possible. If large music content is connected (4GB or above) that may take minutes, during the USB cannot be accessed properly, so playback might not be available within that time, or it may happen when the user changes the music content on the USB and the Gateway cannot find the previously indexed songs.

So, if there is a problem with the USB playback, in that case we recommend doing the following:

  • Wait approximately 1-2 minutes, then the playback should start
  • Turn the system OFF, remove the car key too , wait 1 minute, and turn the system back ON and the playback should start immediately
  • Delete all bin files from the USB stick’s root (those are index files and might be damaged)
  • Download the Gateway Indexer software (works under Windows). It does the exact same job as the Gateway, but faster already on your PC. After this the Gateway don’t need to do the index process, it can start the music playback properly. You can download the Gateway Indexer from the bottom of this page.

If nothing helps (it happens) then you need to get some details from the USB stick, regarding to

  • Size (we are fine up to 320 GB)
  • Brand (cheap sticks are not very well supported due to low quality memory chip on board)
  • File system (only FAT16 & FAT32 supported)
  • Partition can be only one. (Some USB comes with free backup and other option which uses separate partition, which could cause easily the recognition fail)
  • Check if any aftermarket extension cable is used (even reliable USB cables are working properly for maximum 2 meter), try to plug the USB stick directly to the Gateway!
  • Turn off write protection on the USB device
  • Please also try the system with other USB stick(s) with only 4-5 MP3s loaded to it.