! Installation

  • First you need to pull out the head unit (radio/navigation) from the dash of the car:
  • Then at the back of the radio head unit you unplug the Quadlock or mini ISO connector (that includes the smaller CD changer connector):
  • The Gateway has a 3 way (T shaped) car side cable. You plug that between the car's unplugged Quadlock connector and between the radio head unit:
    https://dension.kayako.com/base/media/url/IejHFHhV8tebuvQb0zcUk5gAczJdFKEoIn case of the Audi mini ISO cable (CABP-AC2) you install it this way (you can download the below picture or right click then choose 'Open picture in new tab'):
  • The 18 pin Molex plug on the Gateway's car side cable needs to be plugged into the Gateway unit of course.
  • Important #1: If the car has an external 6CD changer (or by Volkswagen MDI) you need to fully disconnect that (all cables of it).
  • Important #2: Please check the car side cable of the Gateway Pro BT, on it you will find three 4 pin Molex plugs, these deliver the sound of the phone calls. There are two options:
    • If you want to keep and use the car's factory installed phone: In this case you make sure that the "Factory Phone" is plugged together instead of "GW Phone" by the 4 pin Molex plugs. Furthermore you need to disable the Gateway's phone function by turning DIP switch #5 into ON position. (Here you can see this with pictures: section X)
    • If you want to use the Gateway's phone function: In this case you make sure that the "GW Phone" is plugged together instead of "Factory Phone" by the 4 pin Molex plugs. Furthermore you need to fully disconnect (all cables) of the factory installed phone module of the car. (Here you can see this with pictures: section X)
  • Important #3: If the car is a Volkswagen/Skoda/Seat, then coding might be required, please read section S about that.
  • You can place the microphone at the center rear view mirror, or behind the driving wheel. The cable of the microphone can be hided behind the roof carpet and the A-pillar. (The microphone has some direction sensitivity, so you can face it towards the head of the driver.)
  • Now that you installed the Gateway, you can test if everything works properly. If everything is OK you can place the hardware of the Gateway into the glove box or behind the radio head unit and finally you can reassembly all the elements of the car back together.

On youtube you might find installation videoshttps://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=gateway+pro+bt+install

If you have a BMW 16:9 navigation head unit, please read section W for further information.