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B. How to get / generate the GW_EES.BIN file?

Getting a GW_EES.BIN file sometimes is very useful because we can see:
- what the exact firmware version is (you can also see this in the first line if you go to Settings/About in the menu of the Gateway)
- what the basic settings are (car configuration, text display mode and else)

The process of getting that file is very easy. You need to have a simple USB thumb drive which is:

- formatted to FAT 16/32
- has only one partition
- is not write protected
- there is one playable music content on it (it is no problem if other files are there too)


You need to do the following:

  1. Power the system ON (radio, ignition)
  2. Connect the USB to the Gateway (it will start flickering)
  3. Select the Gateway (=CD-changer) as source (no problem if you couldn't select it for some reason)
  4. Wait 2 minutes
  5. Turn the whole system OFF, remove the car key too
  6. Wait 2 minutes then
  7. Turn the system ON again (e.g. radio)
  8. The USB will start flickering
  9. Wait 10 seconds, disconnect and check the content on a PC. The GW_EES.BIN should be on it

Please note: If the file is not available, then please use a different USB stick and repeat the mentioned steps above.

The firmware version can be checked if you open that file with WordPad. If you click on view, you will see the following:

In this case, the hardware has firmware version 3.00. Please check if there is a newer firmware available for download. If yes: Then the firmware update is recommended if you have any problems with the device.