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W. BMW 16:9 navigation: requirements and installation


Normally you can pull out the radio head unit and connect the Gateway to the CD changer connector and the installation is done. In the case of the BMW 16:9 head unit this is different, because the CD changer connector is not on the 16:9 navigation, instead it is on the radio tuner/module (BM54, BM24) which is located in the boot of the car.

First you need to find the radio module in the boot of the car. For that you can find a big help on this webpage: 

The BM54 radio module has a "40 flat pin" (Quadlock) connector, the BM24 has the older "17 round pin" connector. In the case of the "40 flat pin" connector the "GWP1BM4" Gateway Pro BT package version is required, in the case of the "17 round pin" connector the Gateway Pro BT is not compatible.
Extension cable: It is required if you want to put the Gateway to the front section of the car, to be able to place the Gateway hardware into the glove box or behind the dashboard. This is also required for stable Bluetooth connection. In case of the Gateway Pro BT the EXT1GW2 extension cable is required (4.5m long).

Please check this diagram to see the whole picture, all Dension related products (Gateway, cables) are marked with red:



We also have an installation video about this, you can check that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTdkAnpgqpg