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X. No sound on phone calls, or keeping the factory phone function

If the phone function works, but without sound, then change the 4 pin Molex (phone audio cable) on the Gateway harness, making it sure the “GW Phone” is plugged in instead of “Factory Phone”, and you also need to remove the car's factory phone module. Or if you want to keep and use the factory phone instead of the Gateway’s phone function, then “Factory Phone” needs to be plugged in the 4 pin Molex (in that case disabling the Gateway’s phone function with DIP switch #5 is required too – for more info please read section A). The pictures of the 4 pin Molex plugs are below:

  • Please note, that some cable versions (CABP-BM1, CABP-VC1) do not have this 4 pin Molex.
  • Audi in rare case: If you change the 4 pin Molex to “Factory Phone” and the volume of the factory phone is too low (although it was OK before you installed the Gateway), then please check the label/sticker on the car side cable harness of your Gateway. You should have the latest Audi cable version that you can see below on the lowest picture, as it has the fix for this problem.

    https://dension.kayako.com/base/media/url/2m795bZdxUVMX2HLDynsX2mFCQwVX7igThe 4 pin Molex plugs:
    By the newest Audi cable versions (CABP-AC1-2 and CABP-AC2-2):https://dension.kayako.com/base/media/url/wdaRExLheccK9uaUyd9kiGlmIDD8DDbh