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Z. Battery draining

Years before we had this problem by Volkswagen vehicles, it was fixed in an earlier firmware update completely.

In some cases users also reported battery drain by Audi. Unfortunately it happened so rare that we couldn't met a person with the same problem personally, therefore we couldn't make a direct fix for the issue so far. Only some Audi A3 and A4 users had the problem. If this problem occured, then the solution could have been the following for part of them:

  • Installing firmware version 51 (if the Gateway is on firmware 57 or above, then it can't be downgraded below version 57).
  • Turning on DIP switch #4 ON on the bottom of the Gateway. This enables an alternative phone menu communication, so the phone menu might disappear additonally. Or if you don't need the phone function at all then turning DIP switch #5 into ON position disables the phone section of the Gateway and then no battery draining should happen anymore, while the Gateway's music menu will be still available (Bluetooth music, USB music, iPod music).