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M. Gateway cannot be selected or any various problems

The factory installed external CD changer and factory phone module* both need to be removed/disconnected from the car completely if you want to use all functions of the Gateway (music and phone). This is because the Gateway emulates these functions, and the car can only work with one CD changer and one phone device in the same time. If you don’t remove them, any various problems may happen like:

  • Volume changing automatically / randomly within 10-15 seconds or more
  • CD changer (Gateway) as a source can or cannot be selected but it reverts you back automatically to radio mode shortly (within 2-3 seconds)
  • Function buttons are not or only partly working (e.g. FFW)
  • Phone issues (section K)
  • Error messages from the car
  • The Gateway or car radio resets, is not available at all

Volkswagen/Seat/Skoda: In some cases the car has MDI module instead of a CD changer. In this case the MDI needs to be removed/disconnected, and after that the Gateway could be selected as “Media in”. (Coding is mostly also required, please read section S!)
What is an MDI (Media Device Interface): The MDI is an external media device. It might have AUX, USB and/or iPod connection, that you can find in the glove box or center console mostly. The MDI device itself can be built together with these connections, or can be a separate unit too: you might find it where the connections are or behind the dash of the car.

Alternator noise or continous noise:

  • Generator noise is an extremely rare problem, it is a changing noise depending on the speed of the engine.  If it happens, it means there is an issue with the cable or the hardware. Replacing the whole package (Gateway hardware and its car side cables) is necessary. If the problem still remains, then there is a problem with the grounding of the car.
  • But if you can hear a constant noise, sometimes with periodic clicking noises, then the general grounding and shielding is not the best, and this is what you can hear. The cables can collect these noises as the cables and the Gateway are analog based. Please try to disconnect some of the cables, some cases unplugging the 30pin iPod Dock cable or the CABL-AUX can solve this alone.

If there is no text display by Audi: The radio/navigation head unit screen is not showing text information in CD changer mode, so you can only see there CD6/Track01 or similar. Instead of this the menu of the Gateway and the ID3 song information can only appear in the smaller cluster display which is behind the driving wheel. This of course means that you need to have this clusted display and also the steering wheel controls (we wrote these in the compatibility points). If any of these are missing then unfortunately you can't use the Gateway Pro BT in your car (there are no separate configuration files for this case, which would help either).

If there is no text display by BMW: This is really rare, because the text display function is factory enabled on the Gateway Pro BT. At the bottom of this site you can download the text configuration files for BMW with installation instructions.


*If you want to keep the factory phone module instead, then you need to change the DIP switches as mentioned in section A.