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S. Coding – Media and Phone (GWP1V21)

Only in case of VolkswagenSkoda and Seat might the coding be required.

By CAN BAP based systems (VW, Seat, Skoda – GWP1V21) the Media option is disabled (most cases) therefore the car has to be coded before or after the Gateway installation. To be exact this coding is only required, if you can't choose the installed Gateway as 'Media in' in the car's menu.

The procedure is not difficult (takes 10 minutes approximately), the vehicle needs to be taken to the VW service and the “Media Player 3” option (2E) needs to be programmed by the service computer (VCDS or Autologic). After this the installed Gateway device will appear as 'Media in' in the car's menu (if the car has MDI it needs to be removed).

The supported CAN BAP head units: RCD310, RCD510, RNS310, RNS315, RNS510 (and the same but different named head units by Skoda/Seat)

Important: By the RCD510, RNS315, RNS510 the full Gateway phone menu is available in the radio head unit's screen by default. If you want to have the phone option on the cluster display ('MFA High Line' or 'Maxi DOT' cluster display is required) instead, then you need to program the phone option (77) too by using the service computer. Having the phone option coded on RCD310 and RNS310 head units are essential because on those radios the full phone menu is available on the cluster display only, but not on the radio screen! (By these 2 head units without coding of the phone option only a limited phone function is available on the radio screen in the best case.)