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J. Bluetooth pairing and connection problems

The pairing process is the first step you need to do on your phone with the Gateway, before successful Bluetooth connection. If the phone is already paired to the Gateway, then it can connect with the Gateway automatically if Bluetooth is activated on the smartphone.

The Bluetooth pairing code is 8888, in other cases 0000.

On Gateway, the pairing procedure sometimes requires more time than normal, which means you may need to try constantly trying pairing from your phone for 2-3 minutes. This is happening because:

  • the hardware is ready for pairing periodically (it searches earlier connected phones for 30-40 seconds and searches new phones for 20-25 seconds
  • If a different phone was already connected, it tries to reconnect to that phone first
  • The fastest or surest opportunity for pairing (and connection) is in the first seconds after you started the ignition of the car

If the Bluetooth pairing or connection is not possible within 2-3 minutes, you can try the following steps:

  • Turn the whole car with closed doors OFF and back ON after 15 minutes
  • Delete pairing history on the phone then reboot it. After it comes back, pair it with the Gateway and try again. (In case of iPhones hard reset could help)
  • Disconnect the Gateway from power and reconnect
  • Try other smartphones too if the same is happening or not
  • Search for available firmware updates in our website

If Bluetooth pairing and connection is working properly, but you have any problems with your phone calls, please read section L about that.


Gateway Lite BT 2 (GBL2xxx): This previous model version had only Bluetooth handsfree phone function, but no Bluetooth music option.