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L. Phone call issues

The Gateway Lite BT (GBL3xxx) offers Bluetooth hands free phone and Bluetooth music features altogether. Due to the missing TEXT option, there will be no text information at all on the screen if you have an incoming or outgoing call.


  • Phone does not connect: In rare cases, the phone cannot be connected easily to the Gateway device through Bluetooth. If you need help with that, please read section J.
  • When making phone calls, the sound of the other person comes from the smartphone’s speakers instead of the car’s speakers: First of all please make sure that the Bluetooth connection between the Gateway and your phone is also including the phone calls (not only Bluetooth music streaming). You can check this in the Bluetooth menu of your phone. In case of iPhone please double check the ‘Call Audio Routing’ settings, and make sure ‘Bluetooth Headset’ is selected there; in case of Android you can also find similar settings.
    For iPhones we can show you where you can find this setting exactly. Please check 
    this video with turned on subtitles/captions, starting from 4:12.

  • Voice of the caller is low/loud in the car speakers, compared to music sources: press  the  next  track  button  more times during  the  ongoing phone  call,  which  lets you  to change the volume level between  10  different  volume values  (different  beep  will  be  audible  via  the speakers  during  the  volume  setup  process).  If you find the optimal sound level, you can leave it in that position and it will be saved automatically after the phone conversation.