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T. Function of CD1-CD6 (or buttons 1-6)

The CD changer protocol is what the Gateway uses, so that the car can recognize it. This protocol is a little limited, therefore you only have the Next/Previous track buttons and CD1-CD6 (buttons 1-6) for controlling the music playback. There are car types (for example some Toyota) in where you only have Disk UP and Disk DOWN buttons and you need to use thoose two buttons for selecting a CD.

  • CD1-CD4: with these discs you can select the first 4 main folders (USB stick) or playlists (iPod/iPhone) based on alphabetical order. You can also reach the next subfolders and main folders if you press and hold down the Next track button. If you hold down the Previous track button, then you go back to the previous folder.
  • CD5: This is the Now playing mode. If you select a music file or don’t do anything in the menu for more seconds, the Gateway will switch to CD5 automatically.
  • CD6: Disc 6 is for switching between iPod UI and iPod GW mode.

The default playback mode is CD5. If you don’t connect anything to the Gateway, then it will also display “Track 99”, meaning that the Gateway is switched to its default source mode, which is AUX-in / Bluetooth music. The Gateway Lite has no menu (no text), so you can’t switch between the already connected sources. If you plug in an external source (like USB or iPod), then the Gateway will automatically switch to that source.

Gateway Lite BT 2 (GBL2xxx): By this previous model the above mentioned Fast forward function is not bringing you to the subfolders, instead it does its original function (Fast forward). Therefore by this you can only have 4 main folders truly