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R1. Installation by Toyota and Lexus

In the package of the Gateway you have two cable types for the installation. You need to use both. Please find the CD changer connector on the back of the radio head unit (the factory CD changer needs to be unplugged if the car has any). That connector should be a wide or thin 12 pin connector. Both the wide and thin versions of this connector are supported, this is why there are two cable versions in the Gateway package.

If your car radio has a 14 pin connector for CD hanger or MiniDisc changer, then it is not supported.


  • If the car has the wide CD changer plug, then you need to connect the cables of the Gateway like this:https://dension.kayako.com/base/media/url/qEieQd4AWP86c4QNMbf5dk2lVJwTUqgB


  • If the car has the thin CD changer plug, then you need to connect the cables of the Gateway like this:https://dension.kayako.com/base/media/url/MCSXmmGt0m4568sC8jhYTmM8aTPIYqlB

Finishing installation:

  • You can place the microphone at the center rear view mirror, or behind the driving wheel. The cable of the microphone can be hided behind the roof carpet and the A-pillar. (The microphone has some direction sensitivity, so you can face it towards the head of the driver.)
  • Now that you installed the Gateway, you can test if everything works properly. If everything is OK you can place the hardware of the Gateway into the glove box or behind the radio head unit and finally you can reassembly all the elements of the car back together.

If you could connect the Gateway properly like one of the options above, but you can't select it as CD changer, then please check section N.