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Gateway Lite BT

Product code: GBL3xxx, GBL2xxx

  • T. Function of CD1-CD6 (or buttons 1-6)

    The CD changer protocol is what the Gateway uses, so that the car can recognize it. This protocol is a little limited, therefore you only have the Next/Previous track buttons and CD1-CD6 (buttons 1-6)...

  • U. BMW 16:9 navigation: requirements and installation

    Normally you can pull out the radio head unit and connect the Gateway to the CD changer connector and the installation is done. In the case of the BMW 16:9 head unit this is different, because the CD ...

  • V. Gateway hardware versions, car side cables

    If you don't have the original package then on the bottom of your Gateway device you can find a white sticker with information on it: 1. The first generation of the Gateway Lite BT was called simply G...