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  • The white coloured Webradio dongle was discontinued very long ago.
  • The last official firmware version for the Webradio was version 2.0. You can still get all the firmware versions for this device from the bottom of this page.
  • The old Dension website was archived, but you can still reach it here with the product page of the Webradio:
  • If you lost the original 3G USB modem or it is not working anymore, then you can try any other 3G USB modem. In the past Dension tested some USB modems, you can see the list of them if you click on "Compatibility" on the archived website of the Webradio.
  • TuneIn shut down the Webradio section of Dension a while ago. If you are still using your Webradio, then it still might work, but using TuneIn and changing the stations is not available anymore.
  • To comparise the two webradio solutions, you can check this link:

Please note: If some of the links are not working on the old Dension website ("Page not found"), make it sure that you type in "sandbox." instead of "https://www." and then it will work.

You can download user manuals from here:


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