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C. DAB antenna reception


  • If the DAB radio playback is still interrupted the same way, no matter which configuration you have tried (section B. Configuration)
  • If you receive empty Stations list after scan
  • If a selected DAB station is not played

Then there might be a problem with the DAB antenna reception. Please make sure that the DAB coverage is good in your area. If it is OK, then the problem might be with the antenna. In case you have an active antenna please make it sure that you both connected the power and grounding on it. If trying other positions for the antenna is not helping either (windshield heating blocks the signal), then if possible, please try other antennas as well. Any DAB capable antenna may work which has an SMB antenna connector – no matter if it is passive or active. If this is not working either, then you can try a replacement DAB+U if that is still possible.

Important: For scanning you need to use the “Scan.mp3” file from the Settings folder of the DAB+U. On some of the MP3 capable playback devices it is available to use the “SCAN” function, which is not the same what the “Scan.mp3” does. Please don’t use that on the DAB+U, because if you use the “SCAN” function of the playback device, it plays certain amount of time from all available files on the music source and it might result in malfunction for the DAB+U device.

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