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Is there any way to improve the hands free quality or the microphone sensitivity on my Car Dock device?

The Car Dock has no built-in function to change the volume settings of the microphone or the speakers, however there are some hints which help to improve the hands free part of the device:

  1. Please avoid the product installation near to the air vent because the noise cancelling feature of the Car Dock could affect the sensitivity of the microphone.  If you have no other free places to fit the device, please change the climate (air ventilation) speed from max. to mid during the conversation. If you are able to turn off the vent nearest to the Car Dock, that should help.
  2. If you still experience an issue with the volume during the phone call, please adjust the Bluetooth (BT) volume on the smartphone itself with the side buttons. These settings will be saved automatically by your phone, so you need to set this only once. If you use different BT capable devices where you need to change the BT settings on your smartphone again, then the recommended steps above might need to be done again.

We do appreciate any feedback you may give us reference your experience; therefore you can go and create a support ticket at 

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