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I. Is there any track limit? Is there any recommendation for how to organize my music?

There is no limit referring to track numbers. You can have as many as you want if the overall size of your music is not larger than the maximum capacity (64 GB) that we offer officially. You can try bigger amount of music, but it is not recommended, because in that case it is simply difficult to search the music, that you want to listen to. On the other hand, the Gateway also needs to index the music content, if you have more files then the indexation process takes longer too. With bigger music database we recommend to use the Gateway Indexer software, which does the index process already on your PC, so after you have used it the Gateway can start the music right away from your USB stick.

The recommended structure of the music is Genre (Pop, Techno) or Artist or Album. With CD1-CD4 you can select 4 main folders (the folders are in alphabetical order), and if you press and hold the Next track button (or FFW), then the next subfolder will be selected and played.  You can also have more than 4 main folders, because you can reach those other main folders too if you press and hold the Next track button while you are already in the last subfolder of the 4th main folder. (For more information please read section T.)

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