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3. Getting red LED in the end of the enabling process, or the enabling was done successfully but the Gateway still can't be reached in the car's CD changer menu

At the end of the enabling process you should see steady green LED light. If instead of that you can see red blinking or red steady LED light, then something went wrong by the enabling process, the Enaber tool can't do its job. It may also happen, that you could see a steady green light at the end of the enabling, but you still can't reach the Gateway in the CD changer menu of the car. If any of these is the case, then:

  • Please be sure that the ignition of the car is ON during the process
  • Please check if there is an anti theft protection on the OBD connector and deactivate it for the time of the enabling
  • Also check the software version of the car's head unit, which should be newer than 2004. If the car was made in late 2005 or later, then the software version on it is enough up to date
  • The Enabler tool might not have the latest firmware (D011) although it is highly recommended to have the latest version on it. You can update it based on the instructions of section "1. How to update the firmware of the GEN enabler tool?"
  • If after all of these, you will still receive red LED in the end of the enabling or you simply still can't reach the Gateway in the CD changer menu, please get a log file from the Enabler tool and send that to Dension Technical Support team. The steps for getting the file are written in section "2. How to get log file from the Enabler tool?"
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