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Installation / Programming

The insatllation of the GW500 series is difficult so we always suggest to bring the car to a professional installer.

During the installation the most problematic parts are:

  • installation (how to, where to)
  • enabling (especially on BMW, sometimes on Porsche too)

In case of the installation, please check the next:

  • Gateway must be the last connected device on the ring otherwise in active mode other devices like: Amplifier, Phone, Navigation or something else won’t be accessible
  • If factory CDC available, please always install beside the factory CD-Changer
  • Please double check always the light directions on the MOST cable
  • Power needs to be constant / permanent 12V. Especially on BMW, you need to be careful because 2 different kinds of switched power available. 1st goes OFF immediately as soon as you remove the car key, the 2nd goes of after 15 minutes (!)
  • Set the proper DIP setting. If you change the DIP, please always press the reset or disconnect from the power a little bit

In case of the enabling, please keep in your mind the following:

  • The Gateway 500 emulates a CD-Changer (in most cases, expect BMW where it is operate as a iPod device) therefore that option in certain vehicles needs to be programmed like:
    • BMW
    • Mercedes (sometimes)
    • Porsche
    • Saab
  • Sometimes the vehicle needs to have Factory CD-Changer otherwise the GW500 won’t work
    • Mini
    • Volvo
  • Sometimes the CD-Changer needs to be physically installed while you program the CDC option
    • Saab (it can be front or Rear)

The enabling procedure can be done by the official Service computer, however there are other alternative too. We recommend using Autologic instead of the BMW programmer, because

  • There is a separate coding menu on the enabler specifically for Dension Gateway installation
  • You don’t need to update the vehicle’s software to add / remove a function. At the BMW, you need to always have the latest software. The programming therefore could take 7-8 hrs at BMW. At Autologic, it takes approximately 10 minutes.

If the SW of the car requires an update or a KMP3 activation, switch the Gateway to bypass/service mode before you start the procedure. Before converting or retrofitting IPOD option, switch back to GW mode.

If the device still not works after installation:

  • Make sure the AUX box switch is in the full circle mode and not Bypass
  • Check the DIP switch settings
  • Check the light directions
  • Check the Blue LED status on the AUX-Box

LED symptoms:

  • LED is Solid -> Gateway is powered and booted properly
  • LED is flashing quickly than it goes OFF -> There is a brake on MOST ring. Check install
  • LED is flashing slowly constantly -> Bypass mode selected
  • LED is OFF -> No Power. Check install and the fuse on the power cable
  • LED is flickering quickly before it goes solid at each time ->Gateway connected to the switched power –>In that case the Gateway will start to operate in AUX GW mode

Brand Specific issues:


  1. Check if the vehicle has a CD Changer, if not this will have to be activated at a dealership
  2. Check the MOST service for loop. Dealers sometimes miss this off if there are no other modules in the vehicle. (Under glove box flap)

Specific Symptoms:

  • The CD changer is active but all grey on the iDrive
  1. Check the dip switches are correct. 1,2 for TEXT and just 2 for no TEXT vehicles
  2. On M-ASK (Business – smaller screen) it is not enough if the vehicle has KMP3 (front single CD reads mp3 disc) function, the GW500 needs to be installed as an iPod device (iPod retrofit). If the vehicle has CDC, that the CD-Changer option needs to be concerted to iPod. See above the detailed activation quide
  3. On CCC professional you need to activate KMP3 mode
  • If there is no text on my display
  1. Check the unit is in Gateway mode
  2. Check for KMP3 compatibility on CCC Professional
  3. Check the DIP switch settings and make sure TEXT mode is selected


  1. Check compatibility.
  2. Check if the vehicle has a CD Changer, or an active loop, if not this will have to be activated at a dealership.

Specific Symptom:

  • No text on display
  1. Check the unit is a compatible COMAND radio
  2. Check the device is in iPod Gateway mode
  3. Text activation will be required

Aston Martin / Volvo:

  1. Check if the vehicle has a CD-Changer without AUX-in
  2. Make sure it is installed at the CD-Changer (2A in the guide)

Specific Symptom:

  • Errors on the screen when power up
  1. The Gateway 500 is installed incorrectly ( Not a CD-Changer)
  2. The fibers are incorrect
  3. Wrong compatibility (year, has AUX or no CDC etc.)
  • Got no text on display
  1. Check the unit is in Gateway mode
  2. RCD text and MP3 text will have to be turned on the Head Unit menu


GW500S BT comes with phone option too which could cause some other specific issues.

Also please note the following facts:

  • The Gateway 500S BT works only on TEXT capable systems
  • The phone needs to be programmed on BMW only. Luckily the phone works without any additional procedure on Audi, Mercedes (right now only with EU spec. radio where no END / SEND button available) and Porsche
  • If the vehicle has factory phone -> It needs to be removed because the phone part of the GW500S does not works as a standalone BT audio option, so there will be a conflict between the Dension piece and the factory

For Programming we recommend Autologic as an option.

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