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Firmware update

We constantly improve our firmware therefore it is highly recommended to perform a firmware update first, if any issue / problem arise. The update procedure on devices that have USB is simple.

  • Extract the update file from the update package and copy it to the root of a USB flash drive, then connect the USB drive to the Gateway while it is powered up.
  • If there is an iPod connected to the Gateway you can leave as it is, in any playback mode or status, you do not need to disconnect or stop playback.
  • Update procedure will start automatically within a few seconds and takes approximately 1 minute. Do not disconnect the USB drive within this time. During the update the head unit (car stereo) turns to tuner mode and the Gateway restarts.
  • When finished, change the source to CD-Changer to use the Gateway again.

After a successful update the update file should be deleted from the USB flash drive and GW_EES.BIN file will appear with the new software version.

If the firmware update was not successful, that means:               

  • The USB had no music content, therefore the Gateway Lite BT did not recognize it
  • The USB stick had more than one partition
  • The USB stick was formatted to NTFS or to a format other than FAT16/32
  • The Gateway device has this update already -> check the GW_EES.BIN

If the device is not functional after the update: (This usually happens if the user disconnects the USB during the update process or the power has been removed during the update)

  • Downgrade to the previous version
  • Disconnect and reconnect the device from power
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