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Phone issues

The Gateway Lite offers HFP and A2DP features altogether. Due to the missing TEXT option, there will be no text information at all on the screen if you have an incoming or outgoing call.
We don’t have too many complaints just a few frequently asked questions

  • Microphone volume is low: press the next track button during the phone call, which lets you to browse between 10 different volume values (different beep will be audible via the speakers during the volume setup process) . If you find the optimal sound level, you can leave it in that position and it will be saved automatically after the conversation
  • Phone does not connect: In rare cases, the phone cannot be paired easily to the Gateway Lite BT device. In such cases, please turn the BT option OFF on the phone, reboot it and try again. If still no luck, please disconnect and reconnect the Gateway Lite BT from power. If no progress, please check if newer firmware is available for the Gateway Lite BT and / or the phone. Additionally testing another phone is highly recommended to find out if the problem is related to one specific phone or not.
  • A2DP volume: This volume can be changed in a similar way as the other source outputs, like iPod, USB . The customer needs to download the volume configuration files from our website and change default settings via USB flash drive.
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