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Buffering time is too long

Wrong configuration file is used or the Automatic Buffer Size Assignment is not finished yet.
Check our compatibility chart on our website for the suggested configuration and try other config file.
The Dension DAB+U device is equipped with an ‘Automatic Buffer Size Assessment’ ABSA) function.
Since the buffer size may be different in each playback device (head unit) the Dension DAB+U detects the buffering time.
This is necessary for the device to function correctly. Upon first operation the assessment process is run automatically which takes about 5 minutes.
During this period please do not switch station otherwise the process will start again.
After this process the proper amount of buffer is used through future operations.
Depending on the playback device the buffer time may vary between 15-40 seconds, so it is not possible to have ‘radio like’ station changing, but we designed the product to be the most versatile possible.

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