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The playback is intermitten

The DAB+U device works as a USB flash drive with mp3 files.
Because every car and every head unit communicate a little bit different through the USB connector, it may be possible to use car specific configuration file.
The update files can be downloaded from

The method of the configuration is the next:

  1. Plug the DAB+U device to your PC
  2. Wait until it is recognized
  3. Unzip and copy the configuration file to the root folder of the device

The update procedure will start automatically. When it is finished the device will be disconnected and reconnected automatically

  1. Select the DAB device from the File explorer and run ‘About.mp3’ from the ‘_Settings’ folder
  2. Check the ID3 tag information on the player’s screen.

If it displays the same version what you uploaded, that means the update procedure was successful.

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