Powering up the device

The -1 series devices (small box) are powered by the included 12V AC/DC mains adapter. These devices have no power switch, simply connect or disconnect the DC plug, or better the mains adapter.

The -100 series devices (amplifier versions) are powered directly from the 110-230V AC mains.
These devices have an on/off switch located on the rear side.

After power-on the power LED lights up and the device boots up taking about 40 seconds to reach fully functional state.
The device starts playback automatically, unless configured otherwise or if no content is available. Playback options can be set using various configuration settings via the Dension Sherpa System or the web interface of the device.
For detailed information on configuration parameters see details below. For details on configuration over the Dension Sherpa service please refer to the
Dension Sherpa Reference Manual.